PF’s first land acquisition and using public hunting land to protect water.

The first segment, “Well Protected” features a pheasant hunt near Worthington with Host Bret Amundson on the first land to ever be acquired by a Pheasants Forever chapter. While Nobles County is known for its abundance of pheasants, it lacks water. Over the past century, officials near Worthington have searched extensively for water sources and have found only one. They’ve gone to great lengths to protect the Worthington Wellhead, primarily through habitat restoration. Tall grass prairie filters water and provides shelter for wildlife.

The next segment, “Yards for the Bees,” highlights homeowners’ efforts to help bees, birds and butterflies thrive. In 2019, the endangered rusty patched bumblebee became the official Minnesota state bee and drew attention to pollinators in decline.

VIDEO: Fishing the Red Lake Nation and plants that could absorb road salts.

When anglers think of Red Lake, walleye fishing on Upper and Lower Red Lake first comes to mind. However, the Red Lake Nation is home to 40 secluded lakes full of other species such as bass, crappies and bluegills. Guide Darwin Sumner frequently fishes for bass and panfish on small lakes within the reservation. In “Red Lake Fishing,”

Salt that makes roads safer when they’re icy in the winter is also toxic to our waterways. When sodium chloride seeps into groundwater and makes its way into lakes and streams, it harms fish and other aquatic life. “Sopping Up Road Salt” features University of Minnesota researchers evaluating plants that could absorb salt from soil and wetlands.

Finally, the “Fast Forage” segment examines acorns, which can be foraged all year long. #PrairieSportsman #PioneerPBS #Minnesota

RESEARCH: Tracking Fawns with Thermal Drones

This episode of Prairie Sportsman features the Casey Jone State Trail and thermal drones used to locate and track fawns.

The Casey Jones State Trail was the first trail in the state to be dedicated by the Minnesota Legislature in 1967, but it was never completed. While there are almost 600 miles of paved state trails in Minnesota, only 14 are in southwest Minnesota. The Casey Jones State Trail, built on a railroad right away, runs 8 miles east of Pipestone and includes an unconnected 6-mile loop in Lake Shetek State Park. “The Trail Minnesota Forgot” also features The Friends of the Casey Jones Trail Association and their work to advocate for funding and land purchases to complete a 100-mile trail from Pipestone to Redwood Falls.

Having the right amount of proper habitat is important to sustaining a healthy population of deer in the state. Figuring out what that is rests on the shoulders of wildlife biologists with the Minnesota DNR. “Finding Fawns” looks at one study being used to determine the habits of deer involves locating fawns with a thermal drone, then fitting them with a… READ MORE.

VIDEO: Lac qui Parle Remembrance and Restoration

Host Bret Amundson visits the Pauly Larson Memorial Fishing Tournament, gives an update on the Marsh Lake Ecosystem Restoration Project and talks about the return of mussels in the Pomme de Terre River. The first segment, “Fishing for Pauly’s Kids,” features the 2022 Pauly Larson Memorial Fishing Tournament that drew almost 70 teams. The tournament’s namesake was on the planning committee of a Lac qui Parle Lake fishing tournament when he died suddenly at age 39.  Then, “Restoration Research,” highlights the Marsh Lake Ecosystem Restoration Project, which has a goal of improving fish populations and the overall ecosystem using methods like monitoring water clarity. In the final segment, “Building Mussels.” viewers will learn about Minnesota’s threatened mussel population and their vital role in cleaning the state’s water. When the Pomme de Terre river was diverted from its entrance into Marsh Lake and returned to its original channel into the….WATCH MORE.

TV: Deer Hunt Wisconsin, Now Available on YouTube

Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2022, the 32nd annual episode of this TV special, produced by Dan Small
and Mark LaBarbera and hosted by Small, covers hunting regulations, four successful hunts,
including two mentored hunts, advice for creating deer habitat and dealing with roadkills, safety
and butchering tips, a visit to the Midwest Outdoor Heritage Education Expo, a look at airguns
for big-game hunting, and a region-by-region forecast for this year’s gun deer season. The show
aired on Bally Sports Wisconsin, Bally Sports North, Milwaukee PBS, and numerous local
community-access stations in Wisconsin.

TV6 announces new host of Discovering: Kristin Ojaniemi

NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) – Since 1980, the show Discovering has aired on TV6. For over 30 years that show was produced and hosted by Buck Levasseur. When Buck retired, Brian Whitens took over. And now a new host will take Discovering into the future. A host with a familiar face and a deep love of the outdoors.

Kristin Ojaniemi is no stranger to Discovering. You’ve likely seen her work on the show. She’s been contributing stories to Discovering for the past 3.5 years. She’s worked alongside the main producer and host Brian Whitens, taking you outdoors, fishing, hunting, and hiking. She’s told the stories of the…READ MORE.

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