Hottest Ammo Trends for 2022

Self-defense ammunition still is a hot seller throughout the country, primarily for pistols. A couple of new products have joined old standbys this year.

Originally published online August 23, 2022

Self-defense is a constant, dependable seller for your store. Capitalizing on this fact of life, because it’s not a trend, doesn’t make you a bad guy. If you’re able to provide ammunition, pistols, accessories or other things the customer wants, that’s merely good business, whether it’s for recreation or self-defense at home or away.

There’s no argument about whether interest in self-defense has risen in the last decade. Myriad factors have influenced the increase, including political, societal and legislative actions or events. The pandemic, too, fueled interest in self-defense, with people at home realizing more easily that they are on their own or that law enforcement might not arrive as quickly as they need. Response times vary depending on the city. In 2021, for example, it took 11 to 12 minutes in….READ MORE.

Rifle Stocks Built to Take a Beating

On a two-lane road in two nondescript buildings housing intricate tools and about 75 dedicated employees, some of the toughest, lightest carbon fiber composite rifle stocks in the world are being made. 

These beige buildings are about 25 miles from one of the country’s growing tech, space defense and biogenetic research cities. Huntsville is now the largest city in Alabama, and long a hub for engineering-minded development of creations great and small. Known as the Rocket City, it is where Dr. Wernher von Braun and his team of dedicated engineers developed rockets and missiles that helped the military from after World War II until today, along with putting the first U.S. satellite in space and men on the moon. 

When brothers Dave and Matt Tandy founded …READ MORE.

by Alan Clemons

SHOT SHOW: Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show Strong as Ever.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is the trade organization for the firearm industry. Each year, NSSF hosts the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT). The event takes place annually at the Venetian Expo and Caesars in Las Vegas. This year, it occurred Jan. 17-20. Reports indicate strong attendance, with enthusiastic buyers and sellers.

The SHOT Show is huge. More than 52,000 industry professionals packed into 13.9 miles of aisles. Moving from meeting to meeting can be difficult and timely, especially when you run into one of the…READ MORE.

Opening the Range

More than 4,000 people from 46 states bought advance tickets, which got them entry into the range for hands-on shooting experiences and the seminars. Walk-up attendance was strong, as well. Lines the first morning were about 10-wide and more than 50 yards long, and growing. With the mid-May sun and heat bearing down, everyone remained patient to get their mandatory wristband for entry and swag bag from...READ MORE.

by Alan Clemons


Well, my fellow sportsmen, turkey hunters, deer hunters, waterfowlers, and gun owners across the great Empire State, we can legitimately be labeled as apathetic, not in the game as evidenced by the preliminary results reported this morning. As it appears we will have to suffer four more years of a governor that openly defies the supreme court rulings on constitutional matters, and governs as an emotionally riddled suppository that caters exclusively to a radical left base.

I find this painful to openly state, but we deserve this, we let it transpire with little opposition.

Using estimates for 2020-2021, 4.5 million gun owners are thought to be….READ MORE.

by Mike Joyner

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