North Dakota Fishing Tournament Fee Change Bill

Greg Power from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department joins the show to give us the rundown on the proposed changes to fishing tournaments in North Dakota. Greg breaks down what the rules and requirements are for hosting fishing tournaments in North Dakota right now, and what the changes might be. He also tells us how these changes will impact certain entities including boat ramps and fish cleaning shacks across the state.

VIDEO: Lake Trout Insanity

Tazin TV 2022 | Episode 4: Tazin Commandos Part 2: LAKE TROUT INSANITY! Hall of famer Steve Pennaz and Garmin’s Danny Thompson visited Tazin Lake Lodge this summer and smashed giant lakers. They also used Garmin equipment to map lake trout habitat and then used Livescope to locate trout and cast jigs at them. Using the equipment, they could see how the fish were reacting to their baits. Not only did it help them catch fish, they had a blast doing it. Tazin TV is produced by Mikaba Media: Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson.

The Fishing Professor Rod Cast:

Episode 1.45

The latest episode of The Fishing Professor Rod Cast features an informative interview with award winning writer and ice fishing expert Steve Griffin.

During this week’s Bourbon Break (bourbon reviews for anglers), the Professor reviews Jack Daniels Tennessee Rye, and then he counts down the top ten spinning rods for inshore applications.

Listen here

How To Ice Fish For Sturgeon

On this week’s show, Bret Amundson, Dan Amundson and David Eckhardt learn how to ice fish for sturgeon. Darren Troseth joins the show to teach us how to ice fish for sturgeon. He talks about his state record sturgeon, catching flathead catfish, and more. Bret also talks about some bills introduced this week regarding wolf hunting, and Joe Henry joins us from the capitol building in Saint Paul. Why? He tells us. 


Getting deer to travel where you want them is possible with proper funneling strategies, and that”s just what the 107 Project needs.

Before too much can get done on the 107 Project, the new layout of the property has to be sorted out. Because much of the year the property Josh calls the 107 Project will be home to cattle grazing on part of the property, there’s some fencing that needs to take place to keep ….READ MORE

VIDEO: Fishing the Red Lake Nation and plants that could absorb road salts.

When anglers think of Red Lake, walleye fishing on Upper and Lower Red Lake first comes to mind. However, the Red Lake Nation is home to 40 secluded lakes full of other species such as bass, crappies and bluegills. Guide Darwin Sumner frequently fishes for bass and panfish on small lakes within the reservation. In “Red Lake Fishing,”

Salt that makes roads safer when they’re icy in the winter is also toxic to our waterways. When sodium chloride seeps into groundwater and makes its way into lakes and streams, it harms fish and other aquatic life. “Sopping Up Road Salt” features University of Minnesota researchers evaluating plants that could absorb salt from soil and wetlands.

Finally, the “Fast Forage” segment examines acorns, which can be foraged all year long. #PrairieSportsman #PioneerPBS #Minnesota

VIDEO: Niagara River Media Camp with AGLOW


Come for the Falls, stay for the fish!

While Niagara Falls sees 5 to 7 million visitors annually, many anglers know that the famous landmark isn’t the only reason to come to the area. The Niagara River is full of steelhead, lake trout, salmon, walleye, bass, muskie and numerous other hard-fighting fish and all of them have the potential to be trophies.

AGLOW came armed with new X-Trek rods from St Croix ready to do battle with the river’s famous fish. Here’s a peek at how it went.

Special thanks to Frank Campbell from Niagara Falls USA and Josh Lantz from St. Croix Rods. Also, thanks to the guides who took us on the river, Nick Calandrelli from Calandrelli’s Guide Service, Richard Brant from Reelactioncharters, and Joe Marra from Niagara Rainbow Charters.

Matt Crawford, James Proffitt and Megan Plete Postol joined executive director Mark Smith and the AGLOW communications team of Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson on the trip.

Learn more about AGLOW and why it might be a good idea for you to join here:


Watch Now: SJR Podcast with Anna V Outdoors

On this week’s show, Bret Amundson, Dan Amundson and David Eckhardt talk bird hunting Anna V Outdoors. They chat bird dogs, pheasant hunting, competitions, and how Anna V got into the hunting industry. Randin Olson joins the show from the ice to talk about tullibee fishing and how to handle bug hatches in the winter. Joe Henry also joins the show to talk about how Lake of the Woods always has an extended ice fishing season. 

RESEARCH: Tracking Fawns with Thermal Drones

This episode of Prairie Sportsman features the Casey Jone State Trail and thermal drones used to locate and track fawns.

The Casey Jones State Trail was the first trail in the state to be dedicated by the Minnesota Legislature in 1967, but it was never completed. While there are almost 600 miles of paved state trails in Minnesota, only 14 are in southwest Minnesota. The Casey Jones State Trail, built on a railroad right away, runs 8 miles east of Pipestone and includes an unconnected 6-mile loop in Lake Shetek State Park. “The Trail Minnesota Forgot” also features The Friends of the Casey Jones Trail Association and their work to advocate for funding and land purchases to complete a 100-mile trail from Pipestone to Redwood Falls.

Having the right amount of proper habitat is important to sustaining a healthy population of deer in the state. Figuring out what that is rests on the shoulders of wildlife biologists with the Minnesota DNR. “Finding Fawns” looks at one study being used to determine the habits of deer involves locating fawns with a thermal drone, then fitting them with a… READ MORE.

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