Hammock Improves Outdoor Camping Experience

“It’s March now, and that can only mean one thing: it’s camping season.  Wait, wasn’t that the first thing to come to your mind?  Truth be told, I don’t consider March prime camping time. However, it is the month when staying out starts to get a lot easier, temperature-wise.”…READ MORE by Roy Heilman

Change-over to Cold-Weather Camping

Adapting your summer camping gear to the shorter, colder days of autumn can extend your comfort zone well into the shoulder season and help you make the transition into winter camping. Oftentimes it requires no more than increasing the weight/insulating properties of the clothing and gear you already have. The principles of layering your clothing remains… Continue Reading →


Spring is starting to show its beauty in the  hills of southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas. The black-and-white landscape of these awe-inspiring forested hills will soon be all dressed out in green. The serviceberry tree will be the first to adorn the Ozarks hills with its white blossoms. Thousands of redbud trees with their purplish-tinged… Continue Reading →

Product Review: ECW N-1B Mukluk Boots

A little over a year ago, I rolled the dice on a completely new kind of boot. On the recommendation of a wilderness survival/winter camping expert I know, I acquired the U.S. military issue Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) N-1B boot, styled after the time-tested mukluk. After a proper break-in period, I can say the gamble… Continue Reading →

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