North Dakota Fishing Tournament Fee Change Bill

Greg Power from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department joins the show to give us the rundown on the proposed changes to fishing tournaments in North Dakota. Greg breaks down what the rules and requirements are for hosting fishing tournaments in North Dakota right now, and what the changes might be. He also tells us how these changes will impact certain entities including boat ramps and fish cleaning shacks across the state.

The Fishing Professor Rod Cast:

Episode 1.45

The latest episode of The Fishing Professor Rod Cast features an informative interview with award winning writer and ice fishing expert Steve Griffin.

During this week’s Bourbon Break (bourbon reviews for anglers), the Professor reviews Jack Daniels Tennessee Rye, and then he counts down the top ten spinning rods for inshore applications.

Listen here

How To Ice Fish For Sturgeon

On this week’s show, Bret Amundson, Dan Amundson and David Eckhardt learn how to ice fish for sturgeon. Darren Troseth joins the show to teach us how to ice fish for sturgeon. He talks about his state record sturgeon, catching flathead catfish, and more. Bret also talks about some bills introduced this week regarding wolf hunting, and Joe Henry joins us from the capitol building in Saint Paul. Why? He tells us. 


Getting deer to travel where you want them is possible with proper funneling strategies, and that”s just what the 107 Project needs.

Before too much can get done on the 107 Project, the new layout of the property has to be sorted out. Because much of the year the property Josh calls the 107 Project will be home to cattle grazing on part of the property, there’s some fencing that needs to take place to keep ….READ MORE

PODCAST: SJR | Week 546 with Anna V Outdoors Pt. 2

On this week’s show, we finish up our conversation with Anna V Outdoors. Bret Amundson and Anna V talk training hunting dogs, why politics is important in hunting and more. Bret and Dan Amundson also talk about their latest adventures, including open water fishing the Mississippi River, ice fishing the St Croix River, and fishing at Niagara Falls. David Eckhardt checks in from Texas, and Joe Henry gives us the latest from Lake of the Woods…DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST HERE.

Watch Now: SJR Podcast with Anna V Outdoors

On this week’s show, Bret Amundson, Dan Amundson and David Eckhardt talk bird hunting Anna V Outdoors. They chat bird dogs, pheasant hunting, competitions, and how Anna V got into the hunting industry. Randin Olson joins the show from the ice to talk about tullibee fishing and how to handle bug hatches in the winter. Joe Henry also joins the show to talk about how Lake of the Woods always has an extended ice fishing season. 

Dan Small: Outdoors Radio

This week, Outdoors Radio features The Fishing Professor Sid Dobrin, Milwaukee Muskie Expo producer Mike Veserat, and McFarland guide Ron Barefield. Jeff heads to French Lake in Minnesota to compete in the Ultimate Panfish League tournament with Todd Forcier. Dan reports on last weekend’s NWTF Wisconsin Conference at Three Bears Resort in Warrens.



Dan Small Talks Ice Fishing at Lake of the Woods with AGLOW.

Longtime TV and radio host Dan Small joined us at Lake of the Woods with the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers last week, and it was actually his first time ever ice fishing Lake of the Woods. He tells us what he thinks of the whole experience and how it compares to other lakes he’s ice fished. Dan also talks about why he loves the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers and how he’s been a member for a long time.

Sporting Journal Radio Podcast: AGLOW Ice Camp at LOW

We broadcast straight from the fish house on Lake of the Woods. We talk to River Bend Resort and Walleye Inn guide Alex Peterson about ice conditions and how fishing has been.
Then we head back to the resort to talk to Greg Jones about playing music and fishing rattlebaits. Joe Henry talks about a couple of bars on the ice at Lake of the Woods, and Dan Small talks about his first time ice fishing at LOW and the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW)


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