Preparation Through Education: Teaching Gun Safety to my 5-Year-Old

By Trent Marsh | Not long after my first son was born, I started thinking about all of the dangers he would encounter in the world and how to best protect him from them. As I went through the list of what I wanted to prepare him for, I came to an epiphany: The only way to prepare him for what he would encounter was to begin his education at an early age.

While I had part of the answer, I was also presented with a new problem: READ MORE

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Trapping for Habitat Management

Trent Marsh | Tag Soup Adventures

Trapping is easier than you think.

This 34-pound female was the first coyote I successfully trapped and was the last check day of 2022. She was caught in a triangle set along a field drainage that had been set for two weeks. Photo by Trent Marsh

Have you seen your turkey numbers decline, and sign of raccoons taking over your deer feeders? Are you seeing too many coyotes on your trail cameras? Do you keep chickens and keep losing a hen or two to a four-legged predator?

You may want to consider getting into trapping, and the truth is, it’s way easier than you think. Here’s how I started…Read more

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