Small Bait. Big Rumble.

Bemidji, MN (March 20, 2023) – True crankbait fans know that Northland Fishing Tackle’s Rumble Bug is the real deal when it comes to drawing strikes from walleyes, bass and jumbo panfish that are putting on the finicky act. The original 4-cm (1.57-inch) balsa body diving plug sports a small profile, tight wiggle, and the ability to take advantage of multispecies opportunities when cast around hard structure, weedlines or other cover. With a maximum diving depth of 7 feet, it’s renowned for denting local walleye stocks on the troll. 


Missouri Trout Season Opener Celebrates Fishing, Friends and Family 

When the whistle blew on the morning of March 1, trout season opened in Missouri. I was standing under the bridge at Montauk State Park. On both sides of me, other anglers were a rod length away, and I was happy to have them there. The trout opener is a celebration of fishing. It was fun to spend the day with over a 1,000 fellow anglers. 

There are four Trout Parks in Missouri. Each is unique, but all offer exceptionalREAD MORE


There are so many ways to satisfy the hunger to get outdoors. Some people escape to the primal wilderness to sleep on the damp, hard ground with only the moon shining above them. Others retreat to a cozy camper to lay under lush blankets, breathe in the fresh air, and get a good night’s rest. The first of those would be labeled camping, the latter glamping. So, what is the difference between the two? While the terms are widely open to interpretation, we will explore a few of the differentiating factors that define camping and glamping. READ MORE

Bassmaster Elite: Pat Schlapper Podcast

On this week’s show, we talk to Bassmaster Elite Pat Schlapper. Pat finished 4th at the latest event and is now off at the Bassmaster Classic. He tells us about fishing around Grandpa Joe at the last tournament, some of the cool things he loves about BASS, and previews the Bassmaster Classic. Joe Henry also joins Bret Amundson, Dan Amundson and David Eckhardt to talk about the upcoming Rainy River spring fishing season and the SJR 500. 

The Fishing Professor Rod Cast: Episode 1.47

Yes, there’s a new episode of The Fishing Professor Rod Cast, which includes an interview with Carrie Zylka, host of The Hunt, Fish, Travel Show.

The Professor also reviews Lazy River Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey during the Bourbon Break (bourbon reviews for anglers), and then he counts down the top ten lures for low light conditions. Listen here.

Dan Small: This week on Outdoors Radio

This week, Outdoors Radio features retired Wisconsin DNR wildlife technician Jeff Wilson and his wife Terry Daulton, Milwaukee Lake Michigan Chapter of Fishing Has No Boundaries chairman John Klett, and pro angler Duffy Kopf. Jeff reports on MWC and NWT walleye tournaments in Spring Valley, Illinois. Dan will speak at Muskie School and Milwaukee Chapter of Great Lakes Sport Fishermen Open House on March 25.

Retired Wisconsin DNR wildlife technician Jeff Wilson and his wife, Terry Daulton, talk about their new book, Wrong Tree, which tells the story in…READ MORE

Delisting of Gould’s Turkey in NM Provides New Opportunities for Hunters

As the 2023 spring turkey season in New Mexico approaches, hunters in the state can look forward to new hunting opportunities thanks in large part to years of conservation efforts to benefit the Gould’s wild turkey.

Last year’s delisting of the Gould’s wild turkey subspecies from the threatened and endangered species list in New Mexico was a significant achievement in conservation. After being on the list since 1974, the subspecies’ delisting demonstrates successful conservation management and preservation of the turkey population in the state.

Following a thorough assessment of the 2017 Gould’s recovery plan in New Mexico, the previously threatened subspecies has been successfully removed from the list. The decision was reached unanimously by the New Mexico State Game Commission, based on careful examination of…READ MORE

Knoxville: The Epicenter of Classic Vibes

St. Croix welcomes anglers to the 2023 Bassmaster Classic; fields a seismic trio of Elite-Series pros

Competitive fishing’s biggest event is only days away. The three-day  2023 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Toyota kicks off Friday on the Tennessee River, where St Croix pros Caleb Kuphall of Mukwonago, Wisconsin; Bob Downey of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota; and Pat Schlapper of Eleva, Wisconsin are among the 55 elite anglers competing for the biggest title and payout in competitive bass fishing. With expected water temperatures in the mid-50-degree range, it’s setting up to be a shallow-water big-bag shootout…READ MORE.

Lake of The Woods MN Fishing Report

Lake of The Woods fishing report March 23, 2023. Ice Out Trophy Fishing Is Near! Warming temperatures bring the thaw of spring, fading memories of ice season past. This is the time of year that a young man’s attention turns to open water… 

Things are beginning to wind down for the 2022-23 ice season, however hard water fishing is still hot on up here on Lake of The Woods. Houses are allowed on the lake until March 31, which bodes well for the diehard ice anglers that want to hang on to the final days of walking on water. Reports are that some anglers experienced a pretty good week and others reported a fair catch. Either way, fish are being caught and hard water fun is still being had. 

The jigging set up and dead-stick combo continues to bring fish to the…READ MORE


Whether fishing from boat, kayak, beach, bridge, dock, or pier, fish bags—or what are often called “kill bags”—are a convenient way for storing and transporting the fish you keep. Transferring fish from a boat’s fish box to a cooler and then to the location where you clean the fish is much more efficient if you store and move the fish using a fish bag (plus, if you put your fish directly into the kill bag, you don’t have to clean the fish boxes on your boat). On the beach, pier, kayak, or bridge, putting fish into the fish bag makes transportation easy and the insulating properties of the bag keep fish fresh, unlike using a bucket. Likewise, many fish bags also double as live bags, fitted with aerators for transferring live fish from live well to weigh stations at tournaments or for keeping live bait. So, fish bags can be important and efficient parts of your gear, but it is important to understand what to look for in…READ MORE

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