Smith’s Introduces Bushcraft Stainless Steel 4.5-inch Blade at Shot Show

Bushcraft Definition – The skill of living and thriving in the bush. Skills often used in bushcraft include hunting, fishing, building a fire or shelter, or any other survival skill needed to stay safe outdoors. 

Smith’s Bushcraft Knife is a fixed-blade knife designed for bushcraft and hunting. This robust, all-purpose knife is perfect for those needing an effective tool to handle whatever task they choose to tackle. With its ergonomic design and durable construction, this bushcraft knife will quickly become your go-to blade in most outdoor situations. Whether tackling bushcraft projects like building a fire, skinning game, or preparing a shelter, the Smith’s Bushcraft Knife will be an invaluable addition to your outdoor arsenal….READ MORE.

Midwestern winter sporting adventures cure cabin fever

We’ve reached the time of year when sportsmen may start going a little stir crazy. There are plenty of options for outdoor enjoyment, but a comfortable couch, warm fire and good ball game on television have a way of keeping us indoors. It takes strong mental fortitude and real desire to bundle up and beat the cold to venture out into the elements. But when you do, the adventure can be incredible. You have far less company on the water and in the woods.

Ice fishing is a tough activity to beat this time of year, but doesn’t apply to a large portion of the Midwest. You’ll have to head up north for this, but it’s worth the…READ MORE.

Sporting Journal Radio Podcast: Week 542 | Northern Pike Ice Fishing in Mid-Winter:

On this week’s show, we talk northern pike ice fishing in the middle of the winter, driving safely on the ice, walleye fishing and do some trout trivia! The crew talk about new open water tungsten jigs from Northland Tackle, ice fishing rivers and turkey mounts. Randin Olson then talks about how ice fishing has been for him this year, some of the weirdest ice houses he’s seen, and what’s been working for him as far as catching walleyes and crappies. Joe Henry also joins the show to give us the latest fishing report from Lake of the Woods. He tells us how a lot of anglers are doing some northern pike ice fishing up there as well, and how a lot of big pike are…READ MORE.

Coolest Hunting Gear from SHOT Show 2023

New products are always are fun to see or hear about. Here are some of the coolest new hunting products coming out this year.

Each year in early autumn, bowhunters start hearing about new compounds, crossbows and accessories. Other hunters get word about new rifles, pistols, ammo and gear. Sales reps talk with shop owners, who talk with close friends, who talk with … seemingly everyone. And the word trickles out into the outdoors communities.

It happens in summer before the big fishing trade show, too. Secret introductions do get held close to the vest sometimes, and then are revealed at the ATA Show for archery gear and the SHOT Show for other hunting and shooting gear. Here is some of the coolest hunting gear for 2023, with some of the new items in stores or online soon. READ MORE.

by Alan Clemons

Product Review: ECW N-1B Mukluk Boots

A little over a year ago, I rolled the dice on a completely new kind of boot. On the recommendation of a wilderness survival/winter camping expert I know, I acquired the U.S. military issue Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) N-1B boot, styled after the time-tested mukluk. After a proper break-in period, I can say the gamble has paid off handsomely.  READ MORE.

by Roy Heilman

What a catch: Fisherman sets new Alabama alligator gar record

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has certified a new state record alligator gar. The huge fish officially weighed 162 pounds.

There are three species of gar that live in the Tennessee River – longnose, shortnose and spotted gar. Because of their resemblance to alligators, some people often refer to them as alligator gar. But true alligator gar are actually a different species not found in the…READ MORE.

New Looks Sure to Wake Up the Bass

Bagley’s bite-sized balsawood Sunny B now available in 10 new imaginative and effective patterns. 

Spring fishing can be one of the most exciting times of the year for bass fans. With both bigmouths and bronzebacks on the prowl and feeding aggressively prior to the spawn, the action can be downright amazing. Before that super bite gets underway, however, anglers generally must contend with clear water, fish that are still shaking off the chill of a long winter, and hot spots suddenly pressured by the…READ MORE.

Feeding animals causes more problems than it solves

It’s been a wild winter, starting the season with bitter cold right around the holidays, then flipping to warmer temperatures in January, accompanied by heavy snowfalls.

The pileup of snow and a crust of ice from freezing rain has a lot of people concerned about the weather’s effect on wildlife. There is a tendency for people to want to help by feeding pheasants and deer, but the path to ruination is often paved with good intentions…READ MORE.

Niagara River fishing trip takes on special meaning before the storm

“Hey Bill, a few of us are hitting the lower Niagara River before the storm on Thursday, want to go?”

It was Capt. Ned Librock of Catching Dreams Charters doing the asking, a person who dedicates his serious trips on the water to taking kids with cancer fishing in the spring, summer and fall to provide unimaginable therapy. It helps to surround yourself with good people and he’s a shining example.

The storm he was referring to will be talked about for many years to come, now called the Blizzard of 2022. We didn’t know how bad it would be, but before it even hit, Patrick Hammer, meteorologist for WGRZ (the NBC affiliate out of Buffalo) was already calling it the storm of a generation with feet of snow and wind gusts to over


by Bill Hilts

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