KastKing is revolutionizing the fishing industry with its affordable innovations that deliver exceptional quality at accessible prices.

As the popularity of fishing continues to grow, so does their commitment to supporting brick-and-mortar retailers, ensuring products are accessible and affordable to all. Their seamless supply chain delivers products on time with exceptional margins, creating a win-win partnership for all.

Here are four reels that will increase…READ MORE

Wildlife Conclave brings 320 future wildlifers to Cleveland State

CLEVELAND, Tenn. — Imagine, please: You are in a college laboratory. There are two dozen dead animals laid out on lab tables for the seminar on necropsy – a synonym for autopsy, except it’s on wild animals instead of humans. There are dead beavers, otters, deer and even a buzzard. Into the lab march two dozen young men and women.

You would normally expect a few exclamations of, “Ewww, gross!” or “Yuck.”

Instead this group buzzes with excitement, including Adele Taber. The young woman literally bubbles with enthusiasm. Instead of a lab full of dead animals, you would think she had walked into a department store to pick out a new…READ MORE.

by Richard Simms

Fishing rafts are top choice for river floats

Floating a beautiful river is my favorite way to spend a day. It doesn’t matter the season. Throughout my life, I’ve floated rivers in canoes, kayaks and jon boats, but my favorite floating vessel is a fishing raft. Rafts float in very shallow water, bounce off obstacles, are hard to flip, and hold a lot of weight. Fishing rafts include seats, oars in the middle, an anchoring system and gear storage. They are the Cadillac of river floating boats.    

The sections of river where fishing rafts are the best are non-motorized. Fishing rafts look and function like drift boats. They have grown in popularity amongst fishermen over the last decade. These rafts are effective at…READ MORE.

Attitude Adjustment

“On the third day of vacation, things had gotten tense. 

It was midday, at approximately the time when two teenagers confined to 280 square feet begin to wear on each other— and their parents. 

Spring break meant they’d gone north, to take a break from spring. But now they needed a break from themselves.” READ MORE.

by Roy Heilman

A True Catch for Team Toyota – Introducing Professional Angler, Mark Daniels Jr.

Toyota’s newest pro angler to Team Toyota, Mark Daniels Jr., began fishing with his father who introduced him to the sport as a kid while living in California’s Bay Area.

When Daniels’ family moved to the suburbs with ponds teeming with bluegill and bass, his passion for fishing and the outdoors became even more ingrained. Watching fishing tournaments on television, coupled with his ability to fish near home, undoubtedly hooked him on the sport.

Mark Daniels Jr. is proud to join Team Toyota as the newest…READ MORE.

Asian Americans Expanding Role In Outdoor Pursuits

Imagine showing up to a fishing lake, gazing around on the ice, and no one looked like you.

You walk through the front door of a sporting goods store and again, no one looks like you.

Paging through a catalog of the largest outdoor sports retailer, you don’t see a single photo of someone who looks like you dressed in camouflage, making casts from a boat or smiling with a big fish.

Subconsciously or consciously, it’s unnerving. As a potential consumer, seeing zero ethnic representation is marketing that misses the mark. And for the larger outdoors community, it is a challenge and an impediment to the idea that the outdoors is welcome to…READ MORE


From the rod to the fly and everywhere in between, there are several components to a fly fishing outfit ‒ and the weight of your fly line is one of them.

Fly line weight matters because it determines what you fish for and the success of your casts. However, fly lines come in various weights, and beginners don’t always understand the nuances of choosing the appropriate weight.

You can’t cast properly with the wrong weight fly line. Wild Water Fly Fishing is here to break down everything you need to know about fly line weight…READ MORE.

Gussy Readies for the Bassmaster Classic

Bagley/Northland Fishing Tackle Pro Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson gives us the scoop on fishing his former winning waters

Bemidji, MN (March 14, 2024) – Bassmaster Classic qualifiers will soon hit the water on the famed Tennessee River out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Among them will be Bagley/Northland Fishing Tackle Bass Elite Series pro angler Jeff Gustafson of Keewatin, Ontario. 

Gussy’s no stranger to these waters, which has him super amped. In March of 2021, Gussy went wire-to-wire on the Tennessee River for his first Bassmaster Elite Series victory with all deep-water smallmouth bass when other anglers focused on… READ MORE

Lake of the Woods: A Unique Ice Fishing Experience

Ice Fishing. Arguably the most popular winter activity in Minnesota. There are a ton of lakes and rivers to choose from when taking an ice fishing trip, so why choose Lake of the Woods? We headed up to River Bend Resort with the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers to get the full Lake of the Woods ice fishing experience, and we’ll show you why Lake of the Woods is a unique ice fishing destination. It’s more than just fishing. We get pizza delivered right to the fish house, Dan Small compares it to ice fishing in Wisconsin, Greg Jones joins us in the fish house, and we even chat with a family from Florida who made the journey north to do some ice fishing for the very first time.

Secret Public Trout in the Driftless Area

The three of us loaded our fly-fishing gear into my loaner Toyota Land Cruiser and set out from the hotel in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, crossed the Mississippi River into Minnesota, stopped for gas, packable lunches, and fishing licenses with trout stamps, and followed a maze of two-lane and country dirt roads to a public access trout stream through private property in the Driftless Area.
The Driftless Area encompasses parts of western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, and northeastern Iowa, deriving its name from its limestone geography and lack of glacial deposits – “drift” – left by ice age glaciers which covered the region just north of the Driftless Area. Coldwater streams fed by groundwater filter up through the limestone and flow down through a hilly, pastoral landscape of forests and farms. While most of these streams flow through private property, Minnesota boasts 221 miles of trout stream easements in the region which allow public fishing access.

My fishing partners were Scott Mackenthun, an outdoor writer and Minnesota fisheries biologist, and…READ MORE.

By Drew YoungeDyke (Originally published in the July 2020 issue of Wood-N-Water News)

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