Ice Fishing Sturgeon, St Croix Watershed Research Station and Foraging Giant Chickweed

This new episode of Prairie Sportsman features ice fishing for sturgeon on the St. Croix River and the St. Croix Watershed Research Station

The scenic St. Croix River has become a popular destination for ice anglers hoping to catch the biggest fish of their lives. Lake sturgeon thrive in the river’s clean water. The state record sturgeon, measuring 78 inches, was caught by Darren Troseth. Host Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson joined Troseth for an afternoon of ice fishing near Bayport with the hopes of catching one of these unique fish.

Then, “Research on the River” features the internationally recognized work of the St. Croix Watershed Research Station. Founded by the Science Museum of Minnesota in 1989, the center addresses water quality issues throughout Minnesota. Prairie Sportsman tours the station’s laboratories and grounds that include rare boiling springs.

Finally in this week’s “Fast Forage” segment, Nicole Zempel introduces viewers to the giant chickweed, a highly nutritious and versatile non-native plant. The plant thrives during cooler weather months and offers a delightful taste, often compared to peas, garden pods or corn silk.

Prairie Sportsman celebrates our love of the outdoors to hunt, fish and recreate, and promotes environmental stewardship. Prairie Sportsman’s team includes: Dylan Curfman, producer/editor/videographer Cindy Dorn, writer/producer Bret Amundson, host/producer/editor/videographer Dan Amundson, videographer/editor.… The 2023 season is made possible by the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, Live Wide Open, Western Minnesota Prairie Waters and members of Pioneer PBS. Pioneer PBS is a viewer-supported television station dedicated to sharing local stories of the region with the world. Support our mission and become a member at

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