Lake of the Woods: A Unique Ice Fishing Experience

Ice Fishing. Arguably the most popular winter activity in Minnesota. There are a ton of lakes and rivers to choose from when taking an ice fishing trip, so why choose Lake of the Woods? We headed up to River Bend Resort with the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers to get the full Lake of the Woods ice fishing experience, and we’ll show you why Lake of the Woods is a unique ice fishing destination. It’s more than just fishing. We get pizza delivered right to the fish house, Dan Small compares it to ice fishing in Wisconsin, Greg Jones joins us in the fish house, and we even chat with a family from Florida who made the journey north to do some ice fishing for the very first time.

Secret Public Trout in the Driftless Area

The three of us loaded our fly-fishing gear into my loaner Toyota Land Cruiser and set out from the hotel in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, crossed the Mississippi River into Minnesota, stopped for gas, packable lunches, and fishing licenses with trout stamps, and followed a maze of two-lane and country dirt roads to a public access trout stream through private property in the Driftless Area.
The Driftless Area encompasses parts of western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, and northeastern Iowa, deriving its name from its limestone geography and lack of glacial deposits – “drift” – left by ice age glaciers which covered the region just north of the Driftless Area. Coldwater streams fed by groundwater filter up through the limestone and flow down through a hilly, pastoral landscape of forests and farms. While most of these streams flow through private property, Minnesota boasts 221 miles of trout stream easements in the region which allow public fishing access.

My fishing partners were Scott Mackenthun, an outdoor writer and Minnesota fisheries biologist, and…READ MORE.

By Drew YoungeDyke (Originally published in the July 2020 issue of Wood-N-Water News)

VIDEO: Sight Fishing Big Pike

Tazin TV 2022 | Episode 5: Seeing is Believing

We’re sight fishing big pike! Bret and Dan Amundson get in the boat with Steve Pennaz from Lake Commandos, Danny Thompson from Garmin, The Technological Angler Jason Halfen and Dena Vick from King Eider Communications and head out in search of Tazin’s big northern pike. We’re armed with polarized Ocean Wave Sunglasses which help us spot toothy critters in Tazin’s crystal clear water.

VIDEO: Lake Trout Insanity

Tazin TV 2022 | Episode 4: Tazin Commandos Part 2: LAKE TROUT INSANITY! Hall of famer Steve Pennaz and Garmin’s Danny Thompson visited Tazin Lake Lodge this summer and smashed giant lakers. They also used Garmin equipment to map lake trout habitat and then used Livescope to locate trout and cast jigs at them. Using the equipment, they could see how the fish were reacting to their baits. Not only did it help them catch fish, they had a blast doing it. Tazin TV is produced by Mikaba Media: Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson.

Niagara River Winter Slam!

The Niagara River Winter Slam Steelhead, Lake Trout, Brown Trout and Walleyes. We traveled across the country to the Niagara River in pursuit of all of these species in two short days of fishing. Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson team up with Frank Campbell, Nick Calandrelli, Richard Brant and a few members of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers to try and get it done. Can they cross all four species off their list?? We’ll show you where on the river we’re fishing, what we’re using and how fun it is!


Spring is starting to show its beauty in the  hills of southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas. The black-and-white landscape of these awe-inspiring forested hills will soon be all dressed out in green. The serviceberry tree will be the first to adorn the Ozarks hills with its white blossoms. Thousands of redbud trees with their purplish-tinged blooms will follow. Everyone’s favorite, the dogwood tree, will soon join the party. 

Spring, in this part of America, is a time of beautiful wildflowers, warm breezes, gentle rains, gobbling turkeys, and hungry fish. Paraphrasing the famous song “The Hills are Alive” in The Sound of Music, sung by Julie Andrews, the hills are alive with the …READ MORE

by Larry Whiteley

Northern Flights

We came to Kodiak Island with high hopes for adventure we left with much more

Waterfowling in the wilds of Alaska is the definition of #epic.

Join @DucksUnlimited as we show you the expansive, beautiful and challenging environment of Kodiak Island, and the unforgettable hunting adventures it…READ MORE.

by Chris Sebastian

PF’s first land acquisition and using public hunting land to protect water.

The first segment, “Well Protected” features a pheasant hunt near Worthington with Host Bret Amundson on the first land to ever be acquired by a Pheasants Forever chapter. While Nobles County is known for its abundance of pheasants, it lacks water. Over the past century, officials near Worthington have searched extensively for water sources and have found only one. They’ve gone to great lengths to protect the Worthington Wellhead, primarily through habitat restoration. Tall grass prairie filters water and provides shelter for wildlife.

The next segment, “Yards for the Bees,” highlights homeowners’ efforts to help bees, birds and butterflies thrive. In 2019, the endangered rusty patched bumblebee became the official Minnesota state bee and drew attention to pollinators in decline.

Southern Indiana’s Patoka Lake a top cast and blast destination

When warm, sunny weather appears magically in mid-winter, my mind always takes off on a tangent about all the places I plan to fish in the coming months. From Minnesota to Mexico, I can name 100 or more waters I could happily spend a day on trying to put a few fish in the boat. In the end, I won’t make it to half the destinations I dream of, but one lake that always draws me back I make a point of visiting as frequently as possible, is Patoka Lake in Southern Indiana.  

At 8,800 surface acres, Patoka Lake is the second-largest reservoir in Indiana. The lake is an amazing fishery, with deep coves and standing timber scattered throughout. But in my book, it’s the roughly 17,000 acres of public land surrounding the lake, and the public lands of the nearby…READ MORE.

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