White-tailed deer may be, overall, the most widely hunted big-game animals in North America. But when it comes to hunter fanaticism, it often centers on the pursuit of feathers — turkey feathers.

In an evolving world where tools and technology are letting hunters be successful with longer shots, the turkey hunting experience — at its essence — mostly remains up close and personal. Few things hook a hunter more than learning how to use the right call to strike up a dialogue with a fired-up gobbler and then feeling adrenaline pump when that longbeard gobbles so close and urgently, the overhead leaves seem to shudder and shed morning dew.

Turkey hunting, like deer hunting, used to be a…READ MORE.

by Ken Perrotte

The Ugly Fish That Haunt Anglers’ Dreams

These are are some of the ugliest (and coolest) fish from around the world

If you’ve never had a good fishing nightmare, you’re missing out. Some are easy to conjure, like Jaws tailing his way into the flats while you’re wade fishing, or a swarm of piranhas tearing apart your buddy, who somehow slipped off the boat. Other fishing nightmares aren’t inspired by the violence a fish might commit, but more simply how the fish looks. These ugly fish—the ugliest fish in the world—are freaky enough to generate plenty of bad dreams….READ MORE.

by Alan Clemons

Coolest Hunting Gear from SHOT Show 2023

New products are always are fun to see or hear about. Here are some of the coolest new hunting products coming out this year.

Each year in early autumn, bowhunters start hearing about new compounds, crossbows and accessories. Other hunters get word about new rifles, pistols, ammo and gear. Sales reps talk with shop owners, who talk with close friends, who talk with … seemingly everyone. And the word trickles out into the outdoors communities.

It happens in summer before the big fishing trade show, too. Secret introductions do get held close to the vest sometimes, and then are revealed at the ATA Show for archery gear and the SHOT Show for other hunting and shooting gear. Here is some of the coolest hunting gear for 2023, with some of the new items in stores or online soon. READ MORE.

by Alan Clemons

Big Deer: Are They Ruining Whitetail Hunting?

The hunting industry is still relatively young, figuratively speaking. While it’s technically a mature market, it really only began about 75 years ago, and didn’t begin really take shape until the late 1900s. Since then, it’s changed in many ways — some for the better, some for the worse.

One of the many changes is the increased focus on bigger deer. The counting of antler inches has become quite centralized, even obsessive, in some regards. Not all hunters put so much emphasis on it, but some do. And when it leads to minimization of other aspects of deer hunting, such as venison, adventure, camaraderie, and reverence for all deer, big or small, it becomes a problem. Kept it check, big antlers aren’t a problem.

One must…READ MORE.

by Josh Honeycutt

Outdoor Specialty Media Group acquires Crossbow Magazine

Outdoor Specialty Media Group (OSMG) announces the acquisition of Crossbow Magazine, the premier publication covering this rapidly growing segment of the Archery market. Crossbow Magazine Founder/Publisher Todd Bromley will stay on as Vice President of Content and Product. He noted “this partnership will allow the magazine to utilize vastly more resources and new technology. My dream is to see this grow to its full potential, and we are extremely happy to join this family of digital outdoor magazine brands”. Immediate plans include a ….READ MORE.

Flat Bait Fury

Think thin to create rod-bending bass action on cold days.

Every angler knows that bass prey heavily upon shad, a dominant forage species for bass and other predators in many Louisiana and Mississippi waters. Look at a shad from the side. It’s flat, and not rounded like many baits.

Look at it head on and it practically….READ MORE.

by John N. Felsher

North American Deer Hunter –November issue/digital edition

Cazenovia NY, November 10, 2022 – Outdoor Specialty Media Group announces the publishing of the
November issue of North American Deer Hunter digital magazine. This issue has adventure stories and how-
to’s about hunts for White Tails and other Big Game, and techniques to make and hunt over scrapes, how to
pursue Mule Deer with your bow during the rut, setting up a hunting lease far from home, gear reviews and new
product releases with links to visit web sites for more information or purchase of the newest available gear. The
food section covers using venison shanks to make Osso Bucco, and using wild forage plants while cooking at
deer camp. The Premium Subscriber Program. with over 60 of the biggest brands in the outdoor industry, is
launched and ready to save readers money on the gear they need for this hunting season.

Download the app to read here.

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