KastKing is revolutionizing the fishing industry with its affordable innovations that deliver exceptional quality at accessible prices.

As the popularity of fishing continues to grow, so does their commitment to supporting brick-and-mortar retailers, ensuring products are accessible and affordable to all. Their seamless supply chain delivers products on time with exceptional margins, creating a win-win partnership for all.

Here are four reels that will increase…READ MORE


From the rod to the fly and everywhere in between, there are several components to a fly fishing outfit ‒ and the weight of your fly line is one of them.

Fly line weight matters because it determines what you fish for and the success of your casts. However, fly lines come in various weights, and beginners don’t always understand the nuances of choosing the appropriate weight.

You can’t cast properly with the wrong weight fly line. Wild Water Fly Fishing is here to break down everything you need to know about fly line weight…READ MORE.

Gussy Readies for the Bassmaster Classic

Bagley/Northland Fishing Tackle Pro Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson gives us the scoop on fishing his former winning waters

Bemidji, MN (March 14, 2024) – Bassmaster Classic qualifiers will soon hit the water on the famed Tennessee River out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Among them will be Bagley/Northland Fishing Tackle Bass Elite Series pro angler Jeff Gustafson of Keewatin, Ontario. 

Gussy’s no stranger to these waters, which has him super amped. In March of 2021, Gussy went wire-to-wire on the Tennessee River for his first Bassmaster Elite Series victory with all deep-water smallmouth bass when other anglers focused on… READ MORE

Selling Deer Minerals and Food Plot Seeds

Become a one-stop shop for all the deer hunters who walk through your front door.

Let’s get something straight right off the bat: Food plots and minerals provided by hunters aren’t necessary for whitetail deer to survive. If a piece of property has deer, then they’re finding enough food and minerals to live and reproduce. They could have the best, mediocre or worst food and minerals, but if they’re there, deer will find and use them.

Here’s another truth: Hunters don’t care if the property they hunt has natural food and minerals for deer, because they want to do more. They want to put food plots in open areas or hidey-holes in the woods. They want to create a little kill plot for bow season, or maybe a giant plot like in a…READ MORE

by Alan Clemons

Pre-Rigged is the Path of Least Resistance

Now available, Northland Fishing Tackle’s pre-rigged Gum-Ball baits get back to the basics and economies of fishing

BEMIDJI, MN (March 7, 2023) – There are classic shapes that continue catching fish since the conception of soft plastics. In that spirit, Northland goes back to the basics with the new Rigged Gum-Ball® Grub, Minnow, and Swimbait Jigs.   

Affordably priced and easy to operate, the trio of new baits are founded on Northland’s venerable Gum-Ball Jig (naked jig also available separately). Each Rigged Gum-Ball Jig features…READ MORE



Picking the right fishing plier might be a more complicated task than it appears at first glance. In today’s market, with so many different options, sporting different features and materials help complicate this seemingly easy task. The first question you should ask yourself is, what is my budget? Where are you going to use these pliers? And finally, what are the features you need to accomplish your fishing goals? 


Get Healthy, America! Un-Fry Chicken & Potatoes Using Hi Mountain Seasonings

RIVERTON, Wyo. (March 7, 2023) — We all love fried chicken and fried potatoes, right? The smell, the taste … But we also know that eating fried foods is about as unhealthy as it gets. Not only do fried foods have way more calories than their non-fried counterparts, but they’re also often cooked in processed vegetable or seed oils. When heated, these oils can form trans fats, which have been shown to raise your LDL – the bad cholesterol. And regularly eating fried foods has been associated with a number of health problems, including an increased risk of several diseases – and an earlier death.

In fact, a 2017 study…READ MORE

Balsa-Crafted Shad Available in 18 New Colors

Bemidji, MN (March 6, 2023) – Northland Fishing Tackle® made a huge splash in the premium hardbait category with their 2022 introduction of the balsawood Rumble crankbait series designed by Northland’s chief bait designer, Jarmo Rapala—proving fishing is better with balsa.

A jack-of-trades when it comes to all freshwater species and depths, the mid-running Rumble Shad crankbait is still available in three sizes with varying dive curves. The report was unanimous after a year on pegboards across the country…READ MORE.


During the Kinsey’s Dealer Show, February 17-19, SPYPOINT won the inaugural Dealer’s Choice Award for the Hunting Accessory Category. 

“To say we are honored would be an understatement,” said Alexandre Ratté, Vice President of Sales at SPYPOINT. “Kinsey’s represents such an important and respected group of retailers, to receive recognition from that group of customers, especially as the first winner of the award, is something to be incredibly proud of,” Ratté continued. 

“Kinsey’s is proud to present SPYPOINT with the award for winner of the…READ MORE.


Getting deer to travel where you want them is possible with proper funneling strategies, and that”s just what the 107 Project needs.

Before too much can get done on the 107 Project, the new layout of the property has to be sorted out. Because much of the year the property Josh calls the 107 Project will be home to cattle grazing on part of the property, there’s some fencing that needs to take place to keep ….READ MORE

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