Horicon Marsh: The Largest Freshwater Cattail Marsh in the US.

The 32,000 acre Horicon Marsh is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the US. It was formed by glaciers and became known as the great hunting grounds. The marsh provided food and habitat for a variety of creatures and as humans began to populate the area, they converged on the marsh for the abundance of birds and animals that were available for them to hunt and eat. Today, the marsh still attracts all sorts of wildlife and hunting remains a popular activity, but after years of management and conservation efforts that have protected the habitat and it’s inhabitants, it’s also become one of the premier destinations for wildlife watchers. So when is the best time to visit Horicon Marsh?

Each year in early May, a birding festival attracts people from all over the world, If you are a bird watcher, wildlife photographer or hunter, spring can be the best time to visit Horicon Marsh. People come to see the annual spring migration consisting of big flocks of waterfowl, song birds, shore birds and more, including the rare whooping crane.  READ MORE.

by Bret Amundson

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