Musky Podcast, Ali Shakoor and More.

On this week’s show, Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson are broadcasting while musky fishing! Can they catch one on the air?? Watch as they record in the boat with Randin Olson and a musky hooks up! They also talk about toxic algae affecting walleyes with biologist and tournament angler Ali Shakoor, the fall Rainy River shiner run with Joe Henry, and Dan’s interesting experience with Sydnie Wells. Listen to the audio version below, or watch it here:

12:19 – The guys hop in the boat with Randin Olson from Lock Jaw Guide Service. He tells us how to catch muskies in the fall. Randin gives us his musky fishing strategy, covering everything from breaking down his bait selection, moon phases, when to fish, and how he uses his electronics. Good times musky fishing in Otter Tail Lakes Country!

25:34 – Then biologist and tournament angler Ali Shakoor joins the show. Bret spoke with Ali while at the 2022 AGLOW conference. He’s studying if toxins from algae blooms can be transferred into the flesh of walleyes and then to humans after consumption. Ali tells us how he gathers data and what he’s learned so far. He also tells us how his fishing career is going, how he got into the sport and what he likes about the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers so far.

44:01 – Joe Henry joins the podcast once again to give us an update on the fall shiner run on the Rainy River. He tells us how everything is progressing, along with what’s new regarding crossing the Canadian border. Bret, Dan and Joe also discuss Dan’s encounter with Barstool Outdoors’ Sydnie Wells.

The Minnesota duck opener, Canada’s update to border crossing requirements, vaccine mandates, the ARRIVECAN app, and the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers awards are also discussed.


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