Change-over to Cold-Weather Camping

Adapting your summer camping gear to the shorter, colder days of autumn can extend your comfort zone well into the shoulder season and help you make the transition into winter camping. Oftentimes it requires no more than increasing the weight/insulating properties of the clothing and gear you already have.

The principles of layering your clothing remains the same, but it needs to be re-assessed in anticipation of the severity of the environment you’ll be camping in. A thicker base layer, one that that wicks away perspiration efficiently will…READ MORE.

by Tom Watson

One thought on “Change-over to Cold-Weather Camping

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  1. Wow, okay. Awesome post. So let me see if I get the gist:
    Summer camping gear:
    1. Increase the weight/insulating properties of your clothing and gear to make the transition into winter camping more comfortable.
    a.Wear a thicker base layer, one that wicks away perspiration efficiently.
    b.Add layers as needed to keep your body warm.
    c.Extra warmth can be achieved by wearing a sleeping bag or a sleeping pad.
    d.If the weather is forecasted to be colder than what you’re comfortable with, layer up even more.
    3. Keep your feet warm by wearing boots or a winter boot.
    4. Make sure you have a practice session to get used to the weather
    Did I get it? Hey, keep up the awesome content. Definitely going to be following along.
    Rob @


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