SJR TV: Fishing Opener and Missing Turkeys

On show #558 , Bret Amundson, David Eckhardt and Dan Amundson talk fishing opener and missing turkeys and one of the most famous waterfowl refuges in the country. Dan recaps his Minnesota fishing opener tour, Bret talks about his time at the Horicon Marsh and David brings up a story about a Whooping Crane shot in South Dakota. Pat Kalmerton joins the show to tell stories about their time at Horicon, including a guy doing play-by-play on a turkey hunt. Joe Henry wraps up the show telling us about his fishing opener with a guy from the Netherlands. 

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Pat Kalmerton joined the show first to tell us how the weekend at the Horicon Marsh went. He and Bret talk about watching a turkey hunt from an overlook while a guy gave play by play the whole time. They also talk about running an outboard through the marsh, fishing Lake Michigan, and all of the good food over at the Horicon Marsh area. Joe Henry wraps up the show to talk about his fishing opener weekend and how the opener was at Lake of the Woods. He also talks about what he did for the fishing opener including taking a guy from the Netherlands out fishing. He is a fishing guide on the other side of the pond, and it sounds like Joe was able to show him some solid Minnesota fishing.

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