Preparing for a South African Safari Involves Planning and Gearing Up – Here’s the Lowdown

Post-COVID-19 Travel Hurdles, Gear Choices, Practice & Perspectives

Note, much of this content in this ultimate safari preparation guide appeared in the July 19, 2021 edition of The Hunting Wire. This version contains additional product information, photos and a rifle set-up video.

Prologue:My grandfather was an artist. A large barn converted into his workshop always smelled of oil paint and turpentine. The ample back bay might have a tanker truck in it, something he was lettering or to which he was adding a hand-painted logo – that’s how things got done back then. The front of the shop was where paintings in various stages of completion resided, everything from landscapes with deer or bear, portraits and, sometimes, large oils on Masonite of scantily clad or nude, usually voluptuous women. It was a fun place to visit.


by Ken Perrotte

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