Today’s High-Tech Hearing Protection for Shooters

Your customers know they need to wear hearing protection on the range. What should you be selling them?

Hearing damage and loss is caused by cumulative damage, which can be prevented but often is not because humans are too egotistical. Kids don’t know better unless parents or mentors advise and help. Young adults think they’re bulletproof, and by the time we’re 40 or 50, perhaps with some tinnitus or gaps in conversations, the damage is done. Permanently.

When loud sound waves hit the internal components of our ears, starting with the fine cilia hairs that help capture and transmit the vibrations, it’s like a bomb shockwave rolling over a forest. Except the trees grow back in a forest, eventually. Our ears never recover. Compile blast after blast — music, gunshots, concerts, tools in the garage or at work, other noises — and in a few years we’re left asking, “Huh?” while watching television with our family or showing a polite smile at a loud restaurant because we can’t hear the conversation. READ MORE

by Alan Clemons

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