Video: No Ticks Turkey Tour

Things we experienced on this trip: A screaming bobcat, a search for oil, kilts and longbows, public land success, private land failure and a heckuva good time. In this vlog, Bret Amundson and Cory Loeffler from the DRC Calls take the new Equinox Gear from Sitka and headed to Missouri and Nebraska to chase turkeys. They’ll test the gear for tick prevention and go through about every emotion a hunter experiences. From epic successes to frustrating misses. We show you all the scouting, the failures, the struggles and everything else along the way. We also run into some interesting people that you’d never expect to encounter. We also meet up with Joe Harris from @blindspotoutdoorsllc to learn more about his duck blinds and to go head first into a thunderstorm after gobbling toms.

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