HOW IT’S MADE: Testing the Best Rods on Earth

St. Croix delivers the Best Rods on Earth by combining angler-driven research and development, industry-leading design an innovation gained from 75 years of experience, the highest-quality materials, passionate and precise craftsmanship from people who care, and the most advanced rod-manufacturing facilities in the world. All of these things  contribute to the pride and satisfaction you feel when you fish one of our rods, but we never assume that’s enough. 

Every distinct rod model St. Croix offers is extensively tested at multiple stages to ensure it will perform as designed, ultimately, giving you the angler the upper hand when you put it to the final test on the water. 

“There are several steps our blanks and rods go through with respect to testing,” says St. Croix Vice President of Research and Development, Jason Brunner. “When we create a new model, the first thing we do is test the blank through production. Many of our blanks have multiple patterns. If they are too wide or stack up incorrectly, it can cause a variety of problems. We scrutinize the…READ MORE.

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