Prairie Sportsman: Layout Boat Duck Hunting

Prairie Sportsman will feature a boat duck hunt at Lake of the Woods and accessible fishing piers in Minnesota in this episode.

In “Layouts on LOW,” Prairie Sportsman host Bret Amundson takes viewers on an open water layout boat duck hunting adventure in Lake of the Woods. This unique hunting experience was once restricted in Minnesota to protect diving ducks, but in 2013, the Minnesota DNR opened up a few select locations to the tactic.The open water layout boat duck hunting experience offers a new level of excitement as hunters lay flat in the boats, only eight inches above the water, taking on the challenge of shooting fast-moving ducks flying in different directions.

Then, Lake Koronis in Paynesville is home to a new fishing pier after the city and the DNR worked together to secure funding for the pier. It is a big hit in the community with folks of all ages. In “Paynesville Pier,” residents and DNR staff talk about how this project got started and how multiple agencies worked together to create a new place for anglers in the area.

Finally in the “Fast Forage” segment, Nicole Zempel demonstrates harvesting rose hips, which are rich in vitamin C and offer numerous health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties. Ideal for harvesting in early to mid-fall, rose hips range in color from yellow to burgundy and become sweeter after the first frost.

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