Redesigning a Workhorse Shotgun

Ergonomic improvements make Stoeger’s semi-auto stalwart a nicer gun to handle.

After 10 years of workhorse reliability, the Stoeger M3000 shotgun line has received a facelift. It’s an ergonomic nip and tuck, to be honest. The changes are significant though, and as any good facelift should be, not immediately visible. 

“It was time for an update,” says Keith Heinlein, Stoeger product manager. “I’ve been working on these for more than 18 months. It’s all ergonomics, involving the grip and a few other areas. The chassis, the internal guts, that’s all still the same. But it was time to work on some other things we believe are solid improvements.” 

Stoeger is part of the Benelli USA family, along with Benelli and Franchi. This power trio covers the gamut of features on its shotguns and pistols across various price points…READ MORE.

by Alan Clemons

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