PODCAST: “New Mexico Elk and Navigating the Draw Process with Jordan Christensen from The Draw”

Jordan Christensen from The Draw stops by for an EXTRA long episode. Normally I’d break this apart into 2 or 3 parts to keep the under 30-minute algorithm happy, but the information imparted was so intertwined there was no way I could break it apart. So go work out for an hour and a half, head up to ice camp and listen along because this information packed episode is epic.

Jordan shares his rise in the outdoor industry, and his journey from outfitter to taxidermist to hunting consultant for Cabelas.

We talk about permit draws and lotteries and how he helps other hunters navigate the process via The Draw.

One of the states and species we highlighted in depth was Elk hunting in New Mexico, he explains the difference between a $750 DIY OTC draw tag vs…LISTEN HERE

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