Whether fishing from boat, kayak, beach, bridge, dock, or pier, fish bags—or what are often called “kill bags”—are a convenient way for storing and transporting the fish you keep. Transferring fish from a boat’s fish box to a cooler and then to the location where you clean the fish is much more efficient if you store and move the fish using a fish bag (plus, if you put your fish directly into the kill bag, you don’t have to clean the fish boxes on your boat). On the beach, pier, kayak, or bridge, putting fish into the fish bag makes transportation easy and the insulating properties of the bag keep fish fresh, unlike using a bucket. Likewise, many fish bags also double as live bags, fitted with aerators for transferring live fish from live well to weigh stations at tournaments or for keeping live bait. So, fish bags can be important and efficient parts of your gear, but it is important to understand what to look for in…READ MORE

by Sid Dobrin

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