Selling to Snow Goose Hunters

Special spring conservation seasons for light geese give waterfowlers a chance to extend their fun. They need some specialized gear, though.

Snow goose hunters are a special group within the waterfowl world. They’re decked out in white, instead of camo, and are usually in a field instead of on water. They can use electronic calls and unplugged shotguns and often have hundreds or thousands of decoys. Snow goose hunters are next-level diehards who need tough, reliable gear.

Once traditional waterfowl season ends in January, most hunters put away their gear with a sigh of relief tinged with wistfulness. Others are champing at the bit to get going for the light goose season to open. That’s technically what snow geese are called, along with blue and Ross’ geese. Similar to Canada geese, the snow goose has a Greater and Lesser variety. Blue and Ross’ geese are considered…READ MORE.

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