Hottest Ammo Trends for 2022

Self-defense ammunition still is a hot seller throughout the country, primarily for pistols. A couple of new products have joined old standbys this year.

Originally published online August 23, 2022

Self-defense is a constant, dependable seller for your store. Capitalizing on this fact of life, because it’s not a trend, doesn’t make you a bad guy. If you’re able to provide ammunition, pistols, accessories or other things the customer wants, that’s merely good business, whether it’s for recreation or self-defense at home or away.

There’s no argument about whether interest in self-defense has risen in the last decade. Myriad factors have influenced the increase, including political, societal and legislative actions or events. The pandemic, too, fueled interest in self-defense, with people at home realizing more easily that they are on their own or that law enforcement might not arrive as quickly as they need. Response times vary depending on the city. In 2021, for example, it took 11 to 12 minutes in….READ MORE.

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