VIDEO: Lac qui Parle Remembrance and Restoration

Host Bret Amundson visits the Pauly Larson Memorial Fishing Tournament, gives an update on the Marsh Lake Ecosystem Restoration Project and talks about the return of mussels in the Pomme de Terre River. The first segment, “Fishing for Pauly’s Kids,” features the 2022 Pauly Larson Memorial Fishing Tournament that drew almost 70 teams. The tournament’s namesake was on the planning committee of a Lac qui Parle Lake fishing tournament when he died suddenly at age 39.  Then, “Restoration Research,” highlights the Marsh Lake Ecosystem Restoration Project, which has a goal of improving fish populations and the overall ecosystem using methods like monitoring water clarity. In the final segment, “Building Mussels.” viewers will learn about Minnesota’s threatened mussel population and their vital role in cleaning the state’s water. When the Pomme de Terre river was diverted from its entrance into Marsh Lake and returned to its original channel into the….WATCH MORE.

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