VIDEO PODCAST: Big Steelhead on Lake Michigan, Ice Fishing Lake of the Woods / Devils Lake and Deer Opener Recap.

00:00 – Intro

00:59 – Deer Opener Recap

14:36 – Lake of the Woods Ice Report

24:58 – Steelhead and Salmon Fishing

50:48 – Devils Lake Ice Fishing Primer

On this week’s show, Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson recap the Minnesota Firearms Deer Opener, talk about the impending winter weather, how the waterfowl season might be over, how ice fishing is quickly approaching, and steelhead fishing!

Be sure to subscribe to this podcast, and leave a comment if you like what you’re hearing! Joe Henry from Lake of the Woods Tourism tells us how his deer opener went. He shows us a picture of his buck and tells us why he likes deer hunting. Joe then looks at the upcoming forecast and tells us what it might mean for Lake of the Woods. Could people be ice fishing in the next week or so? Joe also tells us how underrated spearing opportunities for Northern Pike are at Lake of the Woods.

Garett Svir has been spending a ton of time on the Great Lakes tributaries chasing steelhead, salmon and brown trout. He tells us what he’s learned this season, and we look at a bunch of pictures of how his season has been this fall. Garett also tells us what’s up and coming for his guiding season this winter and how people should book a rainbow trout fishing trip with him. He also tells us why fishing for steelhead and salmon in the fall is so fun.

Lucas Mertens from Haybale Heights Campground & Resort on Devils Lake previews this upcoming ice fishing season. He tells us how things are looking for their snobears and perch fishing in North Dakota. He also tells us how harvest was and how duck hunting went at Devils Lake this year. #icefishing #deerhunting #fishingpodcast #huntingpodcast

Download the audio version here or watch it below:

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