‘Bufftail Soup’ — Who Knew an Old Cape Buffalo Could Taste So Good! – Recipe and Video

No matter what type of hunting adventure I go one, eating the local foods and, especially, any wild fish or game taken, is always high on the agenda. While sitting in Virginia and discussing via emails my late June 2021 South African hunt with outfitter Phillip Bronkhorst and professional hunter Pieter Taylor, I noted that I wanted to sample any game we took, especially cape buffalo. And I wasn’t talking about just having grilled backstraps or tenderloins — I wanted to make “Bufftail Soup,” a cape buffalo version of a classic oxtail soup.

Oxtail soup is a tradition in many European countries and Great Britain, as well as Africa. Except for cultural pockets within the United States, it never seemed to gain a huge following here. Recipes abound for oxtail soup, some more of a broth-based with chunked vegetables and others with a smoother consistency…READ MORE

by Ken Perrotte

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