Why We Go

“I have no idea what we are listening to”. I was about 12 years old and in that perfect half sleep on my way to a duck hunt with my Dad, riding in his Jeep Grand Wagoneer, listening to a clearly sensible man’s alien conspiracies on the AM radio. Thankfully, this Jeep actually had a floorboard, compared to some of Dad’s others, so I was warm. Naturally, we continued to listen for the next 2 hours just in case we could grab a nugget of confidential information that may serve us well when the incoming invasion came.

Oftentimes I’m asked why we hunt. Why do we get up at an ungodly time of morning, freeze our butts off, constantly complain about the lack of weather, and continue to go out every possible morning. We go out because of…READ MORE.

by Chris Midgette 8/26/22

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