30 Reasons You Won’t Get Your Target Buck This Fall

You just might tag the buck of your dreams this season — but odds are, at least one of these obstacles will get in your way first

We deer hunters expect every new season to be the best one yet. That’s a good attitude to have, because you’d be a salty curmudgeon if you didn’t. But rarely does a season turn out exactly as we hope, especially if you’ve got a specific target buck in mind. What’s the problem? It’s usually one of these 30 reasons — many of which are preventable.

1. Crappy Equipment

You don’t need the best gear to kill deer. In fact, a greater hunter using subpar stuff will almost always outperform a lesser hunter equipped with the best products. Still, good gear makes a difference. Just ask someone who’s used…READ MORE.

9/26/22 by Josh Honeycutt

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