7 Reasons Why The Buck You Think is Nocturnal Actually Isn’t

That gnarly old buck just lays there, chewing his cud and wasting the day. Then, about 20 minutes after nightfall, he rises, stretches, and departs for distant fields. As a result, this buck is never seen during daylight by man or camera, qualifying it as a true nocturnal buck.

Deer hunters seem to have it in their heads that this is what some mature bucks do. Naturally, everyone has that hunting buddy or friend who says, “Yeah, I’ve got this big buck on camera, but never in daylight. Must be nocturnal.”

Rarely, if ever, are bucks truly nocturnal—though they might seem to be. We spoke with Kip Adams, biologist and chief conservation officer for the National Deer Association to figure out where seemingly nocturnal bucks go during the day. According to Adams, if you …READ MORE

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