Lake of the Woods: A Unique Ice Fishing Experience

Ice Fishing. Arguably the most popular winter activity in Minnesota. There are a ton of lakes and rivers to choose from when taking an ice fishing trip, so why choose Lake of the Woods? We headed up to River Bend Resort with the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers to get the full Lake of the Woods ice fishing experience, and we’ll show you why Lake of the Woods is a unique ice fishing destination. It’s more than just fishing. We get pizza delivered right to the fish house, Dan Small compares it to ice fishing in Wisconsin, Greg Jones joins us in the fish house, and we even chat with a family from Florida who made the journey north to do some ice fishing for the very first time.

Selling Deer Minerals and Food Plot Seeds

Become a one-stop shop for all the deer hunters who walk through your front door.

Let’s get something straight right off the bat: Food plots and minerals provided by hunters aren’t necessary for whitetail deer to survive. If a piece of property has deer, then they’re finding enough food and minerals to live and reproduce. They could have the best, mediocre or worst food and minerals, but if they’re there, deer will find and use them.

Here’s another truth: Hunters don’t care if the property they hunt has natural food and minerals for deer, because they want to do more. They want to put food plots in open areas or hidey-holes in the woods. They want to create a little kill plot for bow season, or maybe a giant plot like in a…READ MORE

by Alan Clemons

The Mythical Beast and the Harvest

Chicago, IL (March 13, 2023) – A manticore is a mythical creature that features the head of a human, the body of a lion, and a tail of a scorpion and was first mentioned around 400 B.C. However, there is another, contemporary beast amongst us – Minelab’s new metal detector of the same name. With confidence, I can say that the MANTICORE is a beast, and with its new metal-detecting technology – especially Multi-IQ+ – the modern machine provides an edge in finding both more and deeper targets.

I’ve retrieved a lot of coins and vintage items in the last several weeks with my new MANTICORE. Finding targets as deep as…READ MORE.

Secret Public Trout in the Driftless Area

The three of us loaded our fly-fishing gear into my loaner Toyota Land Cruiser and set out from the hotel in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, crossed the Mississippi River into Minnesota, stopped for gas, packable lunches, and fishing licenses with trout stamps, and followed a maze of two-lane and country dirt roads to a public access trout stream through private property in the Driftless Area.
The Driftless Area encompasses parts of western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, and northeastern Iowa, deriving its name from its limestone geography and lack of glacial deposits – “drift” – left by ice age glaciers which covered the region just north of the Driftless Area. Coldwater streams fed by groundwater filter up through the limestone and flow down through a hilly, pastoral landscape of forests and farms. While most of these streams flow through private property, Minnesota boasts 221 miles of trout stream easements in the region which allow public fishing access.

My fishing partners were Scott Mackenthun, an outdoor writer and Minnesota fisheries biologist, and…READ MORE.

By Drew YoungeDyke (Originally published in the July 2020 issue of Wood-N-Water News)


White-tailed deer may be, overall, the most widely hunted big-game animals in North America. But when it comes to hunter fanaticism, it often centers on the pursuit of feathers — turkey feathers.

In an evolving world where tools and technology are letting hunters be successful with longer shots, the turkey hunting experience — at its essence — mostly remains up close and personal. Few things hook a hunter more than learning how to use the right call to strike up a dialogue with a fired-up gobbler and then feeling adrenaline pump when that longbeard gobbles so close and urgently, the overhead leaves seem to shudder and shed morning dew.

Turkey hunting, like deer hunting, used to be a…READ MORE.

by Ken Perrotte

VIDEO: Sight Fishing Big Pike

Tazin TV 2022 | Episode 5: Seeing is Believing

We’re sight fishing big pike! Bret and Dan Amundson get in the boat with Steve Pennaz from Lake Commandos, Danny Thompson from Garmin, The Technological Angler Jason Halfen and Dena Vick from King Eider Communications and head out in search of Tazin’s big northern pike. We’re armed with polarized Ocean Wave Sunglasses which help us spot toothy critters in Tazin’s crystal clear water.


Take advantage of small game hunting seasons to stay in the woods and fields before spring arrives, and enjoy winter’s last hurrah.

The problem of “Hunting is for everyone” touted by so many is that they leave off part of what they really want to say, which is “Hunting is for everyone after deer season ends so it doesn’t mess up my chances of killing a big buck.” Public land hunters, especially, snarl and gnash teeth when their outing is “messed up” by squirrel, rabbit or bird hunters enjoying a day.

To this I say, tough noogies. Boo hoo hoo. Get over it.

Hunting is for everyone, at any time of the legal seasons, whether you’re pursuing a…READ MORE.

North Dakota Fishing Tournament Fee Change Bill

Greg Power from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department joins the show to give us the rundown on the proposed changes to fishing tournaments in North Dakota. Greg breaks down what the rules and requirements are for hosting fishing tournaments in North Dakota right now, and what the changes might be. He also tells us how these changes will impact certain entities including boat ramps and fish cleaning shacks across the state.

Breaking Ground on a New Beginning

When the bulldozer fired up and rolled off the trailer, it became very real. My new home was officially under construction, and a project I never intend to finish has begun. As long as I own the land the home is being built on, it will be an ever-evolving landscape managed for wildlife. I eagerly anticipate plantings, burns, builds, harvests, and more as I work to benefit the critters I hope to have as neighbors.

The property I’m building on is 40-acres currently in row crop production. It has historically been leased out for farming. To create a mix of food and habitat for wildlife, I look forward to continuing to farm about half of the property with a mix of corn and soybeans. For a while, I’ll contract the entire scope of this work to…READ MORE.

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