Mississippi River Float Walleyes


It was a long winter here in the Northland. I’m not sure it’s gone yet, though the calendar says spring has arrived. I could really go for some fresh fish. Unfortunately, lake ice lingers, and the fishing opener is weeks away. 

So I’ve come to the Mississippi River, where the walleye season is continuous. A few bucks buys admission to a “fishing float,” which is essentially a giant raft parked just below one of the dams. The captain picks me up from the shore and zips me out to the float. With a little luck, I might return with enough fish for a dinner or two. 

The guy on the float sells me a scoop of minnows, and I’m off and running. Since the current is strong, the offering is simple: minnow on a jig head, tossed to the bottom and retrieved.  READ MORE

by Roy Heilman

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