Ancient Bull Sable, Iconic Gemsbok & Impressive Blesbok Round Out Incredible South African Hunt

We were minutes from calling it a day – a long, warm day – and slowly traveling a final stretch of sandy road leading toward the sprawling ranch’s gate when the reclusive bull sable finally decided to betray his hiding place. We immediately knew it was him. The top of a sable’s nose is usually a jet-black strip. This old bull had a prominent white patch centered on that strip.

The bull sized us up for a few seconds before moving from the thicket, giving us a going-away view of his dark rump and horn tips. With Professional Hunter Pieter Taylor and our South African tracker Juscias, we grabbed my Mossberg Patriot rifle and shooting sticks and moved briskly about 100 yards left of the direction the animal was headed. We paralleled his likely track, hustling to intercept him…READ MORE.

by Ken Perrotte

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