New Spypoint FLEX G-36 and LM2 Cellular Trail Cameras Now In Stores

The FLEX G-36

Two of the latest cellular trail cameras from SPYPOINT are now shipping and available in retailers across the country. 

The FLEX G-36 and LM2 from SPYPOINT offer hunters an unparalleled combination of performance and value, along with the flexibility they want to help select a camera that suits their needs and budget. 

The FLEX G-36 builds on the success of the SPYPOINT FLEX camera that was introduced last year. The camera takes 36MP photos and 1080p videos with sound, both of which are transmitted to the SPYPOINT app thanks to the innovative dual-sim setup of the camera which eliminates the need to select or worry about a carrier model. The new FLEX G-36 also delivers enhanced connectivity and improved battery life over the original FLEX. 

The LM2

The LM2 is built on the hugely popular LINK-MICRO platform and delivers 20MP photos. If the camera looks familiar it’s because it is rooted in the original LINK-MICRO design, the most popular cellular trail camera of all time, but in addition to the 20MP photos, adds optimized connectivity thanks to a new antenna design and a larger 90-foot flash and detection range. 

“We’re excited for our users to get the new cameras in their hands,” said Jean-Francois Boyer, Vice President of Marketing at SPYPOINT. “The consumer feedback after ATA and SHOT Show was hugely positive, and the retailers were excited to see the new innovations as well. The scouting season will be starting in earnest soon, and we can’t wait to see the successes of our customers this fall,” he concluded. 

SPYPOINT Trail Cameras are available at thousands of locations across the country. 

To learn more FLEX G-36 or the LM2, visit

ABOUT SPYPOINT: SPYPOINT, the world’s #1 cellular trail camera brand, revolutionized the hunting industry by making mobile scouting accessible to all. Our reliable, easy-to-use cameras and innovative photo and camera management app with customizable maps, weather, and BUCK TRACKER AI filters, are designed with one goal in mind: to make you a more prepared and efficient hunter. With SPYPOINT you have the entire hunt in the palm of your hand.  

To learn more about SPYPOINT products and technology visit  

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