BOOK: A Walk in the Turkey Woods, Wandering Thoughts and Revelations

Cortland, NEW YORK – Joyner Outdoor Media announces the audiobook release of A Walk In The Turkey Woods, Wandering Thoughts & Revelations by McGraw resident Mike Joyner 

The author’s latest book release offers wild turkey hunters, call makers, contest-calling competitors, and those who simply adore this most elusive monarch, something very different than the “how to,” instructional manuals, or storytelling collections.  It is currently available in paperback, hardcover, and kindle. An audiobook is in production.

Publisher’s Summary – “A Walk In The Turkey Woods” is a collection of personal reflections, epiphanies, and revelations gained from countless days roaming the great forests of North America. Captured within this volume of work are short stories, poems, a turkey hunter’s prayer, reverso poetry, and passages deeply profound and personal to the author. This body of work is inspired by the perspective that comes with so much time spent in the grand turkey woods, and from the enjoyment of all God’s creatures within these great forests. To those that passionately engage in the time-honored and most natural pursuits, it is all too well known that the acts of downing quarry are a miniscule portion of what truly transpires and what lies within the heart, mind, and soul of a hunter.  

What a hunter experiences and holds dear to their hearts is entirely foreign to those that do not hunt.  As visitors, as voyeurs of wondrous places we feel at home and fully immersed in all that it is.” The passages within these pages convey what is well beyond the mechanics of strategies and techniques of outwitting our favored quarry. The conclusion of great and epic adventures is a satisfaction worthy of our efforts and concludes with so many memories to be had, and uplifting experiences in the natural world.

Hardcover, paperback books, and kindle – available now on Amazon

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