Prairie Sportsman TV: Turkeys, Woodpeckers and Mushrooms

“Sub-gauges in the Spring” features spring turkey hunting in Minnesota and the increasing use of smaller shotguns, or sub-gauges. Prairie Sportsman Host Bret Amundson follows David Eckhardt on a hunting adventure using his family’s vintage 410 shotgun, complete with customized shells for effectiveness and safety. Following the hunt, Eckhard takes advantage of another great spring pastime: morel mushroom foraging. The “Savanna Redheads” segment centers on red-headed woodpeckers and their oak savanna habitat, which are both in serious decline. Finally, Nicole Zempel highlights the popular and easily identifiable chicken of the woods mushroom. It is characterized by its bright yellow color, porous surface and tangerine, green and orange shading on top. The mushroom gets its name from its chicken-like taste and texture. Chicken of the woods can be found from early spring to late fall, typically growing on decomposing logs or dying trees.

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