TV: Mississippi River Fishing On Prairie Sportsman

The first segment, “Pool 4 Party,” highlights Pool 4 of the Mississippi River, located between Red Wing and Wabasha. Pool 4 is a popular spot for walleye and sauger fishing in the winter months. Despite the below freezing temperatures, host Bret Amundson heads out with Tim DeMille from Fine Line Outdoors to take advantage of the open water. Thanks to a warm water discharge up the river, the water upstream of Lake Pepin never freezes, making it an ideal spot for fishing even in mid-February. The area offers a full-service bait shop and 24-hour service for late night anglers and, despite the cold, they manage to find some quality catches and share tips and tricks for fishing the cold winter waters. In “Rock Snot Invasion,” viewers will learn about the mats of golden-brown goo, called rock snot, that have been showing up on rocks in North Shore streams. Formed by an algae called…

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