Reboot of original Mojo Mallard

Spinning-wing decoy has upgraded motor, wings and lithium battery.

The morning was slow for our crew, with ducks flying high and ignoring the decoys in front of our four-man blind. A single would come in here and there, and a few decided to take a headfirst swim, but things were slow. We could see ducks, though, which made things frustrating.

Finally, the landowner and host said it was time to give his spinning-wing decoy a try. Along with a few chuckles and shrugs was a sense of “can’t hurt anything.” He waded through the shallow flooded paddy to about 20 yards in front of our blind, set up the pole and put the decoy on it. When he flipped the switch, the wings began spinning. I’d never seen one before, having grown up with old paper or Styrofoam-style decoys and a...READ MORE. 

by Alan Clemons

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