Big Deer: Are They Ruining Whitetail Hunting?

The hunting industry is still relatively young, figuratively speaking. While it’s technically a mature market, it really only began about 75 years ago, and didn’t begin really take shape until the late 1900s. Since then, it’s changed in many ways — some for the better, some for the worse.

One of the many changes is the increased focus on bigger deer. The counting of antler inches has become quite centralized, even obsessive, in some regards. Not all hunters put so much emphasis on it, but some do. And when it leads to minimization of other aspects of deer hunting, such as venison, adventure, camaraderie, and reverence for all deer, big or small, it becomes a problem. Kept it check, big antlers aren’t a problem.

One must…READ MORE.

by Josh Honeycutt

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