Toyota-Sponsored Documentarian has Passion for Salmon, Grizzlies

“Ocean to Idaho” chronicles the journey of Chinook salmon and their round-trip migration from Idaho nesting tributaries to the Pacific Ocean and back. With a life expectancy of five years, the featured salmon will travel four rivers and three states to get to the Pacific, where they live for two to three years, before returning home.

“This project was on my bucket list,” Millgate said. “I saw my first salmon in 2017, near the end of its life cycle, and I thought how fascinating it would be to track this species on its journey from the ocean to Idaho.”

The documentary took a physical toll on Millgate as she dedicated nearly a year to filming and production work. Her travels took her 80 miles by raft and 4,606 miles by vehicle, as she gathered her footage. The rigors of the shoot also forced her to use five cameras, one which suffered a….READ MORE.

Originally published July 27, 2022 by Toyota

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