Book Details Harrowing, Disturbing, Fantastical Hallucinations of Delirious COVID-19 Survivor

“Dreams – some of them prolonged nightmares – began. Joyner was out for 18 days, but like the fictional Picard, he seemingly lived multiple lifetimes over that period. Amazingly, after surviving despite the stark odds, he could recall many of the hallucinations or dreams he had experienced. He wrote them down, cathartically chronicling them in a style both intense and therapeutic. The result was this book.

The 235-page book (no illustrations) has many short chapters – dream sequences really, most of which are just a few pages long. It opens with…READ MORE.

By Ken Perrotte, Outdoors Rambler

The author of the book is Mike Joyner. A 61-year-old upstate New York entrepreneur, engineer, inventor and a tech geek. He used to be semi-pro bass player in a rock band and was past president of the National Wild Turkey Federation’s New York state chapter.

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